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Big Rigs through Idaho and Montana

Official Selection and Finalist
8th Annual Montana CINE International Film Festival

Imperial Oil, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, has proposed developing a "high and wide" corridor to ship oversized loads of mining equipment through some of Idaho and Montana's wildest lands. This 8-minute video explores the effects on the local citizens, the environment, and our way of life.
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How Big Are These Rigs?

Watch this 30-second video about the ConocoPhillips drums awaiting transport now. The ExxonMobil rigs will be even larger: 227 feet long (over half a football field), 27 feet high (nearly three stories), 29 feet wide (think logging truck -- turned sideways), weighing 300 tons (7-1/2 times the legal weight limit on interstates in Montana). View on YouTube or above. More info

five planetsFive Planets: Montanans at the Crossroads of Global Warming
Nobel Laureate Dr. Steven Running and Montana leaders explore the science behind climate change, the effects of global warming on Montana's climate, and what Montanans can do.
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"We are actually setting a stage for a high, wide corridor through the State of Montana to be used probably for things we haven't even imagined yet."

-- Jim Lynch, Montana Department of Transportation Director, Montana Legislative Committee meeting 2009



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